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Tiny Toots Meringues


Enjoy 1 oz of these magical Tiny Toots! Carefully harvested from majestic silver haired unicorn-pony hybrids native to the heart of the mostly secret rainbow leprechaun fields of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. These Tiny Toots are gently collected and combined with fairy dust, starlight, and rainbow sprinkles for a truly unforgettable experience.

*No unicorns are harmed in the process of making Tiny Toots.

(These Italian meringue cookies are swirled with rainbow food colors and gently topped with rainbow sprinkles! When you eat these delicious and adorable little cookies, you will LOVE how light and airy they feel. As you devour them by the handful, it will be because they are crispy on the outside, and chewy on the inside, and soon you will realize that someone must have ninja'd behind your back and eaten all your Tiny Toots. Because the box is empty now. No words can describe the terribly hollow void that you feel. Your pulse quickens as you realize you are out of options. There is nothing left for you to do but get back online and order some more... well maybe even a few more than that, they don't judge you. Tiny Toots love you and your responsible addiction to delightful and scrumptious meringue cookies. That have sprinkles on them. And they're so friggin small it's adorable. Enjoy frequently.

Made with 4 simple ingredients: Egg Whites, Sugar, Extract, Cream of Tartar.

Tiny Toots are naturally Gluten-Free!

Enjoy ravenously.���ʏ 33;��

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